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Is there is a shortage of software developers in the US?

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In recent years there has been an ever increasing demand in the technology sector for skilled software developers. With technology advancements, start-ups, global businesses, and even government departments relying heavily on software tools, efficient and qualified developers are a prized commodity. But the issue remains, is there really a shortage of software developers in the United States?

It has been discussed for years, do the current supply of software developers meet the constantly growing demand for them or is there a chronic skills gap? According to a study by the National Science Foundation, the demand for jobs related to software development has risen by 10.5 percent annually since 2013. The same research claims that there are an insufficient number of workers possessing the software engineering skills which employers are looking for. This has been further confirmed by another study conducted by Upwork, a ditital freelancer marketplace, which shows the demand for software engineering increased by more than 8x times faster than the supply.

In this article you will learn why a shortage of software developers in the US might be occurring, what measures government and educational institutions might pursue to detress the situation and assit in the increase of available skills, and explore various suggestions as to what businesses might do in order to ensure they secure the best talent in the market. We will also be exploring current trends related to the software development job market to gain a better understanding of the industry.

Furthermore, we will be providing an overview of the most sought-after skills and how this has changed over the years. We’ll be exploring the importance of accommodating career changes that software engineers are undertaking in an effort to freshen what is most likely an extremely powerful domain of knowledge. With all this in mind, the overall objective of the article is to truly identify if there is indeed a shortage of software engineers in the US and what we as a collective can do to resolve the situation.

Is there is a shortage of software developers in the US?

Defining the Software Developer Shortage

The United States is facing a shortage of qualified software developers. This shortage has been increasing as demand continues to outpace the number of available professionals. To understand the magnitude of the shortage and why it happens, it is important to define what a software developer is and the key terms associated with the overall issue.

Software Developers: Software developers are individuals who build programs and applications for companies and businesses. They are responsible for writing the code that runs software, developing databases, and solving problems within computer systems. Their knowledge of computer coding languages and computer technology is usually key to their success.

Shortage: A shortage occurs when the demand for a service or a product exceeds the availability of the resource. In this case, the demand for software developers is greater than the availability of qualified and experienced individuals.

Supply & Demand: Supply and demand are two core concepts in economics which explain how prices for goods and services are determined in the market. For software developer, supply represents the amount of developers, while demand is the need for software development services. When the demand exceeds the supply, that is when the shortage becomes pronounced.

The software developer shortage is a growing problem for businesses, especially those who rely heavily on technology. As there are fewer qualified professionals available, it forces companies to compete for these scarce resources. As a result, wages for software developers rise, which in turn leads to higher costs for businesses. Moreover, the shortage can lead to slow progress on projects, thus staling innovation.

Software Development Shortage:

How the Growing Demand of Software Developers in US Affects the Industry

Is There a Shortage of Software Developers in the US?

The US is currently facing a shortage of qualified software developers, which is having a direct impact on the technology industry. As businesses and applications become increasingly reliant on software, the need for experts who can develop and maintain the software is in high demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, computer programming jobs are expected to grow by 8% between 2018 and 2028 – a much faster rate of growth than all other occupations.
The shortage of software developers is not due to a lack of qualified candidates. According to a study conducted by in 2017, there were more than 850,000 software developers in the US with the capability of creating and developing software. However, the demand for skilled software developers far exceeds the supply of qualified professionals, leaving employers scrambling to find qualified individuals to fill their roles.
One of the major causes of the software developer shortage in the US is the rapidly changing landscape of the technology industry. As more companies embrace digital transformation and move away from traditional methods of doing business, the skillset of software engineers is in high demand. Furthermore, many software developers find themselves in the position of needing to continuously update and learn new technologies in order to stay on top of the latest advancements.

The Impact of the Software Developer Shortage

The shortage of software developers in the US is having a ripple effect on the industry as a whole. Companies are being forced to delay important projects due to a lack of qualified personnel, while those who are able to find qualified personnel struggle to keep up with the growing demand for their services.
The increased competition for talent is also causing salaries for experienced software developers to soar. This is especially true in metropolitan areas such as San Francisco and New York City, where high levels of demand have resulted in some of the highest salaries in the country.
Additionally, companies are having to invest more significantly in training their existing employees in order to handle the increased demand for software developers. This includes not only having employees learn new programming languages, but also the associated tools and frameworks necessary to build the software.


The shortage of software developers in the US is having a major impact on the technology industry. Employers are struggling to find qualified personnel, while experienced software developers are commanding high salaries and extensive training is needed for existing staff. The following list summarizes the major points:

  • There is a shortage of software developers in the US.
  • The demand for software developers is increasing due to digital transformation.
  • The shortage of software developers is causing delays in projects, increased competition for talent, and higher salaries.
  • Companies are having to invest more significantly in training existing employees to fill the gap.

Uncovering the Growing Demand for Programmers

Supply-Demand Gap for Software Developers in US

Are there sufficient software developers to fulfill the demand in the US labor market? This thought-provoking question has been gaining attention as tech giants and smaller startups alike search for the right mix of coding expertise. With the rapid rise of digital industries, job seekers are realizing the potential of the tech sector and lining up for these lucrative positions. Understanding the supply-demand gap for software developers in the US can help offer perspective and clarity into the state of the labor market.

Why the Gap for Software Developers in US Exists

The primary cause of the gap for software developers in US can be attributed to the speculative nature of tech jobs. Due to the ever-evolving digital market, these positions require very specific skills, thus making it difficult to find those applicants that can meet the exact conditions. Furthermore, with an ample supply of tech jobs available, companies tend to hesitate offering competitive packages and thus struggle to bring aboard the best and most experienced professionals.

Best Practices to Fill the Supply-Demand Gap

In order to bridge the gap for software developers in US, companies must establish meaningful partnerships with the leading technology schools. This strategy will enable business to target the freshest coding talent, allowing them to shape the skills of the future workforce. Additionally, by nurturing these relationships, companies can tap into the existing job boards and internship programs. This process provides access to resumes and other valuable information in a convenient and cost-effective manner.
In order to stay competitive, tech enterprises must also focus on building an attractive and positive workplace culture. By creating a stimulating and inviting work environment, companies can motivate top coders to accept postings and retain those that are already employed. This approach can be achieved through amenities such as flexible scheduling and remote work environments. Additionally, providing competitive payment packages in addition to interesting benefits can be integral in driving desired job results.
The demand for software developers in US continues to increase, necessitating the need to find balance between the supply and demand sides of the market. By leveraging partnerships with educational institutions and fostering a pleasant work atmosphere, tech businesses can begin to bridge this gap and contribute to the advancement of the digital industry.

What Can Be Done to Increase Available Talent?

An Overview of the Software Development Shortage

Software development is a growing market in the United States, with demand for software engineers increasing year after year. As companies rely more on technology and software to reach larger audiences, the demand for professionals in this field has become increasingly high. Unfortunately, the number of qualified applicants has not kept pace with these growing demands, creating a shortage of software developers in the US.

Examining the Degree of the Shortage

The lack of software developers in the US has been described as “alarming,” with qualified individuals in high demand and few readily available. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 200,000 software developer jobs across the country, but only slightly over 100,000 qualified applicants. This unmet demand is expected to increase over the coming years, creating an even greater shortage of skilled software developers.
The problem is not limited to the IT industry either. Many companies find that their software projects remain incomplete due to the lack of available talent. Companies can spend significant amounts of money recruiting for heavily sought-after positions, only to find that the positions remain unfilled. This can lead to project delays and frustrated clients, all due to the persistent lack of suitably qualified software developers.

Creating Opportunities in Response to The Shortage

One way to potentially address the shortage is to create more opportunities for individuals looking to enter the software development field. By providing further education and training options, the number of qualified applicants can be substantially increased. This could include the creation of tech universities and providing online courses for those looking to broaden their knowledge base in the software engineering field. Providing such courses could also be a great way to include those from underrepresented backgrounds and help to create more diversity in the US software development landscape.
Practical solutions like internships and apprenticeships programs could also help to bridge the gap. These schemes could introduce novice developers to the software engineering world while allowing companies to benefit from their skills and knowledge. Furthermore, companies should look to provide more opportunities for those from diverse backgrounds, such as women, disabled people, and ethnic minorities. Such diversity could bring ideas from different perspectives, and with it, greater innovation.
Finally, companies should look to cooperate more to create a larger talent pool. By reaching out to universities and vocational training centers, potential candidates in the software development field could be identified, allowing for better recruitment of potential employees. This could prove invaluable in helping to address the continued shortage of software developers in the US.


The notion of a software developer shortage in the United States is a hotly debated topic. On one hand, industry experts claim that there are not enough qualified developers to fill the increasingly vast array of software development jobs. On the other hand, some argue that the demand for software developers in the US is grossly exaggerated. So, what is the truth? Is there truly a shortage of software developers, or is the situation more nuanced?
It’s difficult to definitively answer this question without looking at the entire picture. It is clear that technology is becoming increasingly important to businesses and governments throughout the US. Organizations are investing heavily into software development, which has led to more jobs for software developers. However, the number of developers with the necessary skills to fill those positions is not necessarily following the same rate.
This is an important topic to investigate further, and one that merits further study and debate. Here at our blog, we offer regular updates about the latest news and insights surrounding the ongoing debates around software developer shortages in the US. So, be sure to join us and discover the latest news and trends. However, if you’re looking for definitive answers today, you may have to wait until we release our next article on this very subject.


Q1. Is there a shortage of software developers in the US?
A1. Yes, the US is currently facing a shortage of software developers with an increasing demand for these positions in many areas. The number of software development professionals needed has far outpaced the supply of qualified individuals, with the gap being most pronounced in tech hubs such as Silicon Valley.
Q2. What are the causes of this shortage?
A2. There are a number of factors contributing to the shortage of software developers in the US, including a lack of qualified individuals, highly competitive job opportunities, and a lack of young people entering the field. Additionally, the ever-evolving nature of technology means that staying up-to-date with the latest skills is necessary to remain competitive.

Q3. Is this trend likely to continue?
A3. Yes, the demand for software developers is expected to increase in the coming years as companies look to artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive their innovation efforts and gain a competitive advantage. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that software developer jobs are projected to grow at a rate of 24% from 2019 to 2029, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.
Q4. Is the shortage limited to the US?
A4. This phenomenon is not limited to the US alone; other countries around the world are also in need of qualified software development professionals. According to research, the global demand for software developers is likely to grow despite localized disparities in need.
Q5. Are there any solutions to the shortage?
A5. Although it is not easy to solve the shortage of software developers, some solutions are being proposed. These include increased focus on developing technology education programs in public schools and universities, as well as introducing incentives to attract more people to the field. Additionally, businesses must strive to create more diverse and inclusive workplace environments in order to draw a wider talent pool.